"Now and Then" Combo - Heart On A Sleeve and Aztec Jazz
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"Now and Then" Combo - Heart On A Sleeve and Aztec Jazz

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Special holiday pricing on two favorite titles! 2013's live recording "Aztec Jazz" bundled with Tom's first solo recording from 1984, "Heart On A Sleeve" (remastered with bonus tracks).

Aztec Jazz track listing:

1.     Love Abides

2.     Nina Simone

3.     East of Woodstock, West of Viet nam

4.     Goodnight Juarez

5.     Criminology

6.     Guadalupe

7.     Stealing Electricity

8.     Finding You

9.     Mississippi River Running Backwards

10.   St. Olav's Gate

11.   Jai Alai

Heart On A Sleeve track listing:

1. One and One

2. Heart On A Sleeve

3. Blinded By The Light of Love

4. A Touch of Grey

5. Wild Hearts

6. St. Olav’s Gate

7. Gallo del Cielo

8. Mandarin Oranges

9. Cropduster

10. Candian Whisky

11. Chinese Silver

12. A Bowl of Red 

Bonus Tracks:

13. When Does Forever Begin
14. Nightblind
15. Red Skye in the Morning
16. Heartland [demo]
17. The Dance
18. Lookin’ South From A Northbound Train

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