Hillbilly Voodoo + Cowboy Mambo [2-CD Set]
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Hillbilly Voodoo + Cowboy Mambo [2-CD Set]

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Barrence Whitfield with Tom Russell

2-Disc Set combining "Hilbilly Voodoo" and "Cowboy Mambo" with live bonus tracks


Disc One - Hillbilly Voodoo

1. Long Black Train

2. The Cuban Sandwich

3. Jack Johnson

4. I Just Wanted To See You So Bad

5. You Can't Get That Stuff No More

6. Blind Willie McTell

7. Ice Water

8. The Definition of A Fool

9. Chocolate Cigarettes

10. What is the Color of the Soul of a Man?

11. Mississippi You're On My Mind

12. Cleaning Windows

Bonus Track: The Cuban Sandwich (live, previously released on Wounded Heart of America)


Disc Two - Cowboy Mambo

1. The Cowboy Mambo

2. A Little Wind

3. Daniel and the Sacred Harp

4. Black Rose

5. Desert Blues

6. The Devil's Right Hand

7. Home Before Dark

8. I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight

9. Insufficient Sweetie

10. Red, Red, Run

11. Brass Buttons

12. Freedom Highway

Bonus Track: Cowboy Mambo (live Belfast 1994)


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